Insolated Platforms Manufacturing

The production of lifting working platforms is focused on platforms with hydraulic shearing mechanism. This design has a large work area required for several people with considerable stiffness and structural stability. Our platforms allow you to travel both on the road and with the rail mounted adapter in the extended working position with the workers on the platform.

In the production of platforms, we use Renault cars, which have been selected for the construction of platforms and rail adapters. Thanks to long-term cooperation, the carmaker supplies the vehicles with exactly the required specifications and modifications for the subsequent installation of the lifting platform and the rail adapter. At the express request, platforms can be made for another type of chassis.

Isolated work platforms meet all standards for safe operation in accordance with EN 292-1, EN 292-2, EN 280, ČSN 33 2550, ISO 3864 and other related standards and regulations